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Family Resource Networks

Healthy Families Healthy Futures is pleased to announce we are the recipients of two Family Resource Network Hub locations, under the provincial government’s new Family Resource Network model – one in Westlock and one in Whitecourt. These Hubs act as central referral points for families requesting assistance to build on their strengths and develop strong familial units. Community agencies, health authorities, or individuals looking for supports and resources may make referrals.  


Our Family Resource Networks will deliver prevention and early intervention services and supports through a provincial network of community-based service providers.

Supports and services will focus on strengthening parenting and caregiving knowledge; social support; coping and problem-solving skills; access to other community supports and resources; improving child and youth development; building resiliency, and fostering well-being. For instance, examples may include in-home visitation, parenting support and coaching, child and youth programs, and early childhood development programs focusing on early literacy and play.

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