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Parent-Child Assistance Program

The goals of PCAP are to support women to reduce or stop alcohol and/or drug use during pregnancy, to achieve and maintain recovery, and to support healthy pregnancies and lives for women and their children. We do this by addressing the needs of mothers and getting them stabilized in a whole host of ways.

  • Support participants to reduce or stop alcohol and/or drug use during pregnancy

  • Achieve and maintain recovery

  • Support healthy pregnancies and lives for the participants and their children

  • Support community connections

We work with woman to identify and overcome challenges that they face in their lives, including issues related to addiction treatment, guardianship of children, legal trouble, family planning, housing, training, education and anything else that is important to the woman.

The Parent-Child Assistance Program (PCAP) aims to prevent future alcohol- and drug-exposed births. PCAP serves women who are at risk of abusing substances and who are pregnant, at risk of becoming pregnant, and/or up to six months postpartum. PCAP mentors assist clients to avoid drinking before and during their pregnancy, and to avoid becoming pregnant if they are unable to achieve sobriety.

PCAP Mentors provide extensive practical assistance and the long term emotional support so important to women who are making fundamental changes in their lives. The program provides on-going, non-judgemental support for up to three years.

Services are voluntary, free, confidential and available in your home.

This FREE program is available in Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation, Athabasca, Barrhead, Calling Lake, Lac Ste. Anne County, Swan Hills, Westlock, Whitecourt, Woodlands County, and surrounding areas.

PCAP Mentors assist individuals to

  • Address complex problems associated with substance abuse

  • Set goals and identify steps to achieve them

  • Connect with community services providers

  • Enhance parenting skills

  • Access treatment and maintain stability

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